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Halloween Safety Guide

Halloween Safety GuideHalloween is a fun occasion for children who can dress up in costumes, enjoy parties, and get lots of physical activity while looking for free candy! Because there are several potential dangers out there, it is truly important to focus on safety by following these Halloween safety guide tips.

Pick out or make a costume that will be safe. Masks should be fitted so that they allow for good peripheral vision. Costumes including the shoes should fit properly to avoid any chances of trips and falls. And, make sure the costume is flame proof or treated with fire retardant. Any Halloween make-up used should be non-toxic.

There are safe places such as schools and shopping malls that provide alternative activities on Halloween, but if you are going to brave the neighborhood for trick-or-treating, follow these additional safety guide tips as well:
Talk with your child in advance and set out Halloween safety guidelines for them that are clear. Let them know to be on the lookout for traffic, look both ways and cross the road using traffic lights and crosswalks, and they should only walk, not run from house to house. There will be numerous people out that night making it important to take their time to prevent getting lost in the shuffle.

Trick-or-treating in groups is always the best idea for safety. Children under the age of thirteen should have appropriate adult supervision. If older children are going unsupervised, know the route they will be taking and have them check in with you periodically by cell phone, or by stopping back at home, so that you always know where they will be.

Making sure that drivers can see you is a key safety concern. Wearing light and bright colors, reflective clothing, as well as carrying glow sticks and flashlights are great for ensuring visibility while walking or crossing the streets.

Candy should not be eaten unless it is un-opened and in the original packaging; avoid homemade treats. Treats should be checked to ensure they have not been tampered with before children are allowed to eat them.

These basic Halloween safety guidelines set forth simple ways to stay safe while trick-or-treating and enjoying the other festivities. Remember, do not eat anything that is damaged or out of their original packaging. For adults and children alike, stay safe by staying together and using cell phones to check in on a regular basis to ensure someone knows where you are at all times.