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Gun Storage Safety Tips

Set your sights on these gun storage safety tips from First Protector

Gun Storage SafetyMany people enjoy owning and operating firearms. But, with gun ownership comes the responsibility of safely securing these possessions, especially when there are children in the home. Besides keeping the kids safe, you don’t want your guns to be accessible to any unauthorized persons. Burglars look for unsecured firearms in the home because they can easily sell them on the street, or worse, use them in other crimes. Below are some gun storage safety tips for consideration:

Safe and Secure Storage
You have multiple options for safe gun storage in the home. Whether you choose a lockable drawer or cabinet, a lockbox, or invest in a gun cabinet or safe, the key is to ensure your firearms are in a location that is not accessible by children, and cannot be retrieved by anyone without your expressed permission. If you keep guns for home security, your own accessibility should be a factor in deciding the location of your storage configuration, with the type of locking mechanism you are most comfortable using. Nowadays your alarm company can even install wireless sensors to your gun safe door, and offer interactive monitoring through your smart phone any time the door is opened, even if the house alarm system is not armed.

Store Guns and Ammo Separately
Another gun storage safety tip is to store your ammo in a separate locked area from your firearms. This separation adds an additional level of safety if in fact an unauthorized adult or a child is able to access your gun, they may not be able to access the ammo and pose a threat to themselves or your family. An additional important safety practice is to always ensure your cleaned firearms are put away immediately after you return home, and emptied of any ammo.

Use Gun Locking Devices
When not in use, gun locking devices attach to the firearm and prevent their firing by either locking the chamber (preventing the ammo from being loaded properly or blocking its ejection), or halting any motion of the trigger. Because gun locks can potentially be used incorrectly or malfunction, it is always safest to use these devices in conjunction with secure storage.

These are just a few gun storage safety tips from First Protector Insurance helping to ensure your family’s safety. “Proper storage of your firearms is the number one way to help prevent accidents” according to Steve Sanetti, National Shooting Sports Foundation (NSFF) President and CEO. “Anyone who is going to own a firearm should respect it and secure it when not in use to help prevent firearm accidents and misuse.”