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Buy First Protector Insurance

Top reasons why you should buy First Protector Insurance

As a homeowner, you may think you are adequately covered if you have homeowners insurance. But you may not realize that your homeowners policy will not cover your mortgage payment if your home is impacted by a natural disaster that displaces you or if you suffer an involuntary loss of employment. First Protector is a supplemental homeowners insurance that helps alleviate the financial burden left behind by these types of events. Click on the link buy First Protector Insurance today.

Here are a few reasons where First Protector comes in handy.

The economy. The economy took a dive in late 2007, and since then this country has struggled to reverse the loss of jobs. An unexpected event such as this one can leave you wondering how you will be able to make your mortgage payment. First Protector offers an Involuntary Unemployment benefit with the flexibility to cover your entire monthly mortgage payment, or a portion thereof, in the case you were to become unemployed. If you depend on two incomes for your mortgage payment, you can select joint coverage that in the event either you or your co-borrower were to become unemployed, your mortgage is protected.

Natural disasters. Mother nature is unpredictable and disasters can happen with little or no warning. If a covered loss prevents you from living in your home temporarily, First Protector insurance pays your monthly mortgage payment for up to two years or a portion thereof, regardless of all other insurances you may have, including homeowners.

Emergencies. If a situation forces you and your family to move from your home because it was damaged or destroyed by a covered loss, you will likely face many unexpected out-of-pocket expenses. With the Emergency Cash benefit from First Protector you can choose a $500 or $1,000 benefit amount. This benefit puts extra money in your pocket to further assist you in paying for repairs, living expenses, or anything else you may need as a result of being displaced from your home.

Repairs. If your home is destroyed by a natural disaster will you need assistance with repairs and access to contractors? With the service benefit options from First Protector you’ll have 24-hour contractor emergency assistance, a contractor referral service and reviews of contractor quotes to help you recover from the physical damage left behind by a disaster.

For more information, please visit www.FirstProtector.com.