How To Hire A Contractor

Seven Tips on How to Hire a Contractor

How to Hire a ContractorHiring a contractor can be strenuous, and you always want to make sure that you hire the best possible contractor for the job. It can be a difficult figuring out how to hire a contractor, or even hiring an honest one! Here are seven helpful tips on how to hire a contractor that will hopefully make this feat easier for you.

  1. Conduct Phone Interviews
    Not knowing how to hire a contractor is a common fear, but you can begin by conducting phone interviews. Never hesitate to conduct phone interviews with potential contractors. You want to ensure the reliability and experience of the company. Ask questions such as have they worked with their subcontractors long, and what time frame? Do you have a lot of previous clients? Would my project interfere with any other projects you are currently doing? Will you provide me with financial references? Will you consider doing projects on the scale I am needing?
  2. Personally Meet
    Do make sure to consult the BBB and webpage to ensure the contractor has a good reputation. Once you have conducted phone interviews pick the top 4 or 5 you like the best. From these contractors meet face to face with each one, and hit them with any questions you may have. You want to make sure they can answer your questions, and ease your mind.
  3. Research
    Research the contractors you prefer the most. You can do this by looking online about the contractor, contacting previous clients about the work of the contractor, and possibly visiting current job sites that the contractor is currently working on.
  4. Blueprints and Compare!
    Once you have your top contractors ask for blueprints from each one. Good contractors can draw up an accurate blueprint, and price the cost of individual materials to come up with a total cost estimate. From this information compare, and decide which one you prefer.
  5. Payment Schedule
    You want to get a set payment schedule in place. The best payment schedule is 10 percent down followed by 3 payments of 30 percent each. Always make sure to pick a contractor that will offer you a convenient payment schedule.
  6. Don’t Be Fooled
    Make sure to know the exact amount of costs, and have the contractor show you the lists of expenses. Do not be fooled by low numbers. If you are not careful a contractor will most likely fudge the numbers, and lead you to believe the wrong thing. One thing you do not want is hidden expenses, and a dishonest contractor.
  7. Contracts
    The best thing to do is have a lawyer read over the contract to ensure you are fully aware of the conditions and every detail. You want to ensure you will not be blindsided, and that you are well protected legally and financially. Better safe than sorry!

Hopefully these seven tips for how to hire a contractor will help you in the process of hiring a good and reliable contractor!

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