Garage Organization Tips

Garage organization tips that help you find the things you need.

Garage Organization TipsOrganizing the garage is probably one of the chores most people dread. Depending on how much de-cluttering needs to be done, you might need to set aside a full weekend or two.  Before getting started, research some organizing ideas online or at your favorite hardware store. You will have to budget costs for any cabinetry, shelving, and hanging systems you might need. Enlist your family and friends to help, and use these garage organization tips to make this chore as easy as one, two, three:

  1. Sorting and organizing:
    Sort through everything and separate items by these categories: keep, toss, and donate/sell.

    • Review the items in the keep category. Have you or your family used them in the past two years? Are they broken beyond repair/expired/outgrown?  Enlist the advice of your adult helpers if you need to, and redistribute what makes sense to the “no keep” categories as warranted.
    • Categorize the items in your keep pile. These might include sport and recreational gear, garden equipment, automotive supplies, seasonal décor, tools, and so on.  If you already have storage bins or boxes, use these to separate the categories temporarily.
    • Once you know exactly what you need to find space for, you can then best determine the layout for storing these items.

  2. Removing the items you aren’t keeping:
    Quickly get rid of the items you are not keeping.

    • Many areas have trash pile pickups you can schedule once or twice a year if you cannot take the items to the trash dump yourself.
    • Research local donation places for ones that will pick up your items.
    • Hold a yard sale or consider advertising items for sale online, at work, or in your local paper.

  3. Planning out your storage layout:
    Use grid paper and carefully note your garage’s measurements and the location of doors and windows.  If applicable, calculate how much space your car will take up.  Then use these garage organization tips to plan out what materials you will need to purchase:

    • You will need enough shelving to hold all of your gear, but don’t cover every wall. Consider also installing cabinetry, hanging rails, and pegboards with hooks to allow easy access and visibility.
    • Items you use together, such as lawn chemicals and gardening tools, should be stored close to one another. Lawnmowers and bulky items can be moved to corners to keep them out of the way.
    • Keep items off the floor whenever possible – this will help eliminate the buildup of clutter piles.
    • The garage ceiling is a great spot for hanging ladders and seasonal sports gear. Items you use regularly should be kept at eye level with all bins clearly labeled.

These garage organization tips are designed to help you maximize the utilization of your garage space where everything will be easy to find.  Once or twice a year, start all over from the beginning, and your garage will stay clean and organized.

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