Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas That Would Make Santa Proud

Christmas Decorating IdeasAh Christmas. Here it comes again. And with it so does the holiday decorating. It’s time to break out the same old decorations and get to it. Or maybe something a bit different this year? Here we’ll go over some Christmas decorating ideas you may have never thought of that are inexpensive and sure to look great around the house.

Christmas Card Collage

You know all of those old Christmas cards that you have kept piling up over the years? You can use them to make a great family collage on your wall by the tree, or wherever is best for your space. It’s free and it shows that you do treasure those cards they’ve been sending. It also gives off the family atmosphere the holidays are all about.

Pictures On Gifts

Another great Christmas decorating idea is to use pictures on your gifts instead of name tags. It really personalizes the gift and makes it that much more memorable.

Using Household Items

Use things like clear vases or apothecary jars to display Christmas candies or small decorations around the house. It adds a sense of the season to the home.  Some of the best Christmas decorating ideas are inexpensive.

Get The Kids Into It

Children already love Christmas, so this one is easy. Just have them help make simple decorations like drawings that you can add glitter and holiday flair to. Who knows, they could have some fantastic Christmas decorating ideas you’ve never thought of.

Alter Your Ornaments

Do you have a favorite Christmas song, picture or maybe a poem? Glue or fasten it to an existing ornament for an extra special design touch. Simple ball globes can become works of creative art. You can even make entirely new ones from craft paper. This project is also great fun for the kids.

Snowman Fridge

Do you have a white refrigerator? If you’re like most of us, you do. You can make it an adorably cute snow man by picking up the stickers at most department stores. It is inexpensive, and original too.

Candy Canes

Have a box or two of candy canes? Why not hang some around the house for a quick and easy way to make it festive? All you need is string or ribbon and some tacks, and boom!  Another Christmas decorating idea done with ease.

Natural Festivity

Pine cones are great for decorating like little trees with beads, glitter, and sequins. You can put them on candle holders to display them on a table, or hang them on the tree. You can even hang them in between the candy canes for an alternating pattern.

These are just a few nice Christmas decorating ideas provided to you free of charge from First Protector Insurance.  If you do it right, holiday decorating can be fun, inexpensive, and not a bit stressful.

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