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Reasons to replace home insulation

Is your home insulation doing its job correctly?

Reasons to replace home insulationReplace your home insulation?  You may have thought your home insulation was supposed to last forever – or at least a very long time.  That may be the case, especially if your home was built less than ten years ago, after fiberglass (or other durable quality) insulation was the standard, and if it was installed correctly.  And, you had no roof or HVAC condensation leaks, or destructive vermin in your attic.  But how do you know for sure that your insulation is up to par?  According to several studies, two thirds of U.S. homes are under-insulated.  Because inadequate insulation can cost you hundreds of dollars annually in higher cooling and heating bills, replacing or supplementing your home insulation is listed as one of the highest return on investment home projects you can do.  Below are several reasons to replace home insulation that … Read the rest