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Christmas Decorating Ideas

Christmas Decorating Ideas That Would Make Santa Proud

Christmas Decorating IdeasAh Christmas. Here it comes again. And with it so does the holiday decorating. It’s time to break out the same old decorations and get to it. Or maybe something a bit different this year? Here we’ll go over some Christmas decorating ideas you may have never thought of that are inexpensive and sure to look great around the house.

Christmas Card Collage

You know all of those old Christmas cards that you have kept piling up over the years? You can use them to make a great family collage on your wall by the tree, or wherever is best for your space. It’s free and it shows that you do treasure those cards they’ve been sending. It also gives off the family atmosphere the holidays are all about.

Pictures On Gifts

Another great Christmas decorating idea is to use pictures on … Read the rest

Safest Cities from Disasters

Looking for a new home? First Protector Insurance lists some of the safest cities from disasters to live in.

Safest Cities from DisastersNatural disasters consist of geological events that lead to the extensive loss of life and property in ways communities cannot immediately recover from.  They include earthquakes, floods, hurricanes, tornados, wild fires, and even tsunamis and volcanic eruptions. The brutal and intense nature of these disasters account for their destruction capacity. The increasing occurrence of major disasters in the US over the last decade is often attributed to global climate changes which has alarmed both authorities and policy makers alike. Although disasters cannot be avoided, efforts can be made to mitigate and recover after their occurrence.

The US Geological Survey (USGS) is an organization that assesses the safest cities from disasters. Location vulnerability factors such as low-lying coastlines, river basins and valleys, and active fault or volcanic lines are considered in … Read the rest