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Spring Cleaning Tips

Put a Spring In your Cleaning Step with these Updated Spring Cleaning Tips

Spring Cleaning TipsWhen the weather warms up many homeowners start to think about doing some spring cleaning. There are many cleaning routines handed down through generations, with probably more than a couple that aren’t as efficient as you think. Below are a few updated spring cleaning tips to help make your cleanup a breeze:

  1. Windows, etc.
    Never clean windows on a sunny day because they will dry quickly and leave behind streaks. It is recommended that you first sweep or vacuum the window, frame, and screen to remove loose dirt. Microfiber cloths are a good choice for cleaning windows, as well as and many other surfaces, because of these advantages:
    • They leave no lint behind, and no streaks!
    • Dries quickly
    • No detergent needed
    • Washes easily for re-use

  2. Cleaning tips for removing carpet and upholstery stains
    The most important step
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