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Storm Safety

storm safetyIf there is a storm approaching your home, you can take precautions to help provide storm safety for both the outside of your house as well as the inside. Whether it’s a summer thunderstorm, hurricane, tornado or winter weather, there is a chance that damage may occur. This damage could result from lightning, wind, rain or hail. The first thing you can do when thinking about storm safety is to prepare the outside area. Trim dead limbs or cut trees that are dead so that they won’t fall on the home. Tie down furniture that is outside that can’t be placed in a garage or storage shed. If you have room to store patio furniture or outdoor toys in a building, that would be the best option.

After securing the outside of the home for storm safety, you will need to start preparing the inside so that your family is … Read the rest

Home Remodeling

home remodelingWhen you are thinking of updating or renovating a room in your home, it’s essential to research home remodeling tips as well as home improvement tricks to help save time and stick to a budget. Utilizing home remodeling tips can help bring any overhauls to a space in your home to fruition, regardless of the home maintenance that is required. Before you begin remodeling rooms in your home, it is important to prepare ahead of time.

Consider Your Objectives
Before you begin investing in tools and supplies to remodel your home, consider the project you want to complete. Whether you are working on home maintenance projects or recreating a room’s atmosphere and environment, having a plan of action is the best way to get started.

Set a Budget
Set a budget any time you are remodeling or updating a room in your home. Having a set budget in place is … Read the rest

Termite Infestation

Termite InfestationHomeowners have to deal with all sorts of issues, from leaky pipes to worn out roofs to the garbage disposal malfunctioning. There is also another problem homeowners must deal with, and sometimes they are not aware of it until it is too late. That is a termite infestation.

According to the National Pest Management Association, termites are responsible for an estimated $5 billion dollars of property damage every year. On an individual level, when a homeowner discovers the damage caused by a termite infestation, it will likely cost him or her an average of $3,000 to have that damage repaired.

How can you avoid a big hit to your wallet to have any damage done by termites repaired? You should become familiar with the signs of termite infestation in your home. You may not see termites like you do other common household pests such as ants, cockroaches or spiders, … Read the rest