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Is Your Home Ready for Cold Weather?

home ready for cold weatherWinter is here to stay for the next few months. Is your home ready? With minimum effort and cost, you can keep your home warm and dry this winter. A warm, dry home will preserve its value longer and be more enjoyed by everyone in the family.

Start with the roof.

Warm air escapes from a leaky roof, and cold air can come in. Visually inspect the roof to look for leaks or bare spots. Check the indoor ceilings of rooms right under the roof for dampness or wetness. Have a roofing professional check anything that looks suspicious.

Inspect the attic.

The attic can let warm air out and cold air in, raising the heating bill. Do a careful check to ensure everything is in good order.

  • Look for ceiling leaks
  • Check walls for moisture
  • Ensure adequate insulation

Check interior rooms.

Make a tour of your interior rooms and look … Read the rest