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Easy ways to make your home safer

ways to make home saferYour home should be an inviting, welcoming, safe place to get away from the world. Statistically, this is not the case. A 2006 home safety study indicated that 77% of all accidents occur in the home. This does not factor in toxins such as radon or illness caused by mold and other contaminants. The good news is, it is possible to make your home safer, and they are easy! Here are five key ways to make your home the safe place it should be.

1) Light it up.

Poor lighting is a key cause of injury, especially among elderly people. However, a dimly lit staircase or cluttered room can be a hazard for even the strongest, most able-bodied adults. Make sure high-traffic areas and storage spaces have plenty of high-quality incandescent or fluorescent lighting. Look for next-generation light bulbs that shed more light while expending less energy. Not only is … Read the rest