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What to do after a disaster strikes?

Taking the right steps for disaster recovery

Natural DisasterThe purchase of a single family home is one of the biggest investments of a homeowner’s life. With this investment come many responsibilities. From home care maintenance to property taxes, a homeowner can be faced with many overwhelming problems to tackle. Disasters may be one of these havocs you’ll be faced with due to the widespread damage they can cause in your community and to your home. If your home is damaged by a disaster you’ll want to do everything possible to return to a normal life. Taking the right steps for disaster recovery will help relieve the stress and burden associated with having gone through a disaster. First Protector will help you take the right steps to recover from a disaster.

As a homeowner one of your top priorities should be protecting your home, family and investment by having insurance. Natural disasters … Read the rest

Supplemental Homeowners Insurance – What is it?

Understanding supplemental homeowners insurance

Supplemental Homeowners InsuranceSupplemental homeowners insurance is by definition any policy in excess of what you already have as a base of risk management. It is additional home protection than what is required by law. People choose to buy it because their first policy might not cover a certain type of damage, such as flood insurance. Supplemental homeowners insurance even helps families cover their mortgage payment if they experience an involuntarily loss their job.

Assurant Specialty Property is an example of a company that provides this type of insurance by partnering with financial institutions, property managers, and manufactured home sellers to provide insurance solutions to their customers. Its services include insurance tracking and management, lender-placed homeowners insurance, and property and personal coverage such as renters insurance.

Home protection of any sort can be critical to protecting families from home damage or financial distress. Houses are usually sturdy structures, but … Read the rest